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Kaiser Permanente and Worker's Compensation 
This Section of the Kaiser Papers is for the Employees of Kaiser and The Permanente
The Kelli Quinlan Story

First, I would love to thank you for publishing your site.

     As a former Kaiser employee at Kaiser's Appointment and Advice Call Center in Sacramento, CA from November 2004 until I was transferred to the Roseville Outpatient Medical Records Department on 5/31/05 where "I would be gotten rid of" due to my disclosed disability, informing management I was very aware of them accessing my medical records without my consent (yes, they do this to employees), and the fact that I needed an ankle replacement.
     I was scheduled twice for my ankle replacement, one of which I was never informed of (yes, this is a common practice of Kaiser to make, reschedule, and cancel various appointments in a very lame attempt to make it appear one's condition must not be too severe or they would not miss all of these appointments).  The second one, which was scheduled for 12/26/05, had to be cancelled since although they would not permit me to have any post-op appointments. Yes, I could have had my surgery if I wanted to stay in a cast for three months with not one follow-up appointment granted.  The reason for this (and all of other Kaiser's malpractice, maiming, killing, etc of people) as told to me verbatim by the Roseville, CA Human Resources Employee and Labor Relations Consultant, "IT'S NOTHING PERSONAL KELLI. IT'S ALL ABOUT BUSINESS AND MONEY."  There it is folks in a nutshell.
     On 9/6/05, I was taken into the department manager's office where I was informed, "Kelli, your legs are a liability to me and Kaiser. We can't have that and don't want you here." True to his word, I had not been permitted to work or be paid since that evening. I was an excellent worker and was kept from working by the HR Disability Manager putting me on an illegal Unpaid Medical Leave of Absence, a fraudulent doctor's note from a doctor that does not even exist, and a fraudulent Workers' Compensation Claim.  That had to be the most ridiculous (other than the fact that HR and OPMR management provided me with copies of this fraudulent documentation) since it was impossible for me to sustain a work-related injury when I hadn't been allowed to work for two months.
     And where was the Union we are illegally forced to join and pay dues as a "condition of employment?" Right next to and behind management committing just as many illegal acts as Kaiser itself
     I did have an attorney until the Union Rep called me and wanted my attorney to call Kaiser's attorney.  Suddenly, I was going through this craziness alone.
     When I told management about my perfect 20-year rental history being gone and my daughter and I having to move into our car within one week if not returned to work (as was documented I was perfectly able to do by three different doctors), I was informed, "It's not my problem."  And I assure you, they meant every word of it.
     It is common knowledge amongst employees that they "reward" the doctors for not prescribing expensive tests, and keep costs down. They are not interested in people at all; only the dollar bill.

 I have lost two computers, almost lost my home, my ankle is beginning to tingle and become numb, not to mention so very, very many other horrendous experiences at the hands of those who want us to THRIVE.  Yeah, not even
     Even as I was reading some of these posts (I pray for all of you and applaud the courage to tell your stories in hopes of helping others and trying to close down these thieves), I was unable to print the Criminal Activity of Kaiser HMO as well as be slammed with
     God bless you all and I hope this reaches you webmistress since I have my doubts. 
     There is so much more to tell, however, I have a ways to go with them since this mafia organization appears to think I am just going to lie down and take their threats and terrorism lying down. I know there are people out there who are not afraid of them and they will have to pay yet one more price for mistakingly believing  they own the world. I know that's their goal, but it's not going to happen.
     Take good care all and keep telling your stories.  At least others know they are not alone and I wish with all of my heart that I could bring back each and every lost you have suffered at Kaiser Permanente's claws.
Kelli Quinlan
Sacramento, California

And God Bless You Kelli - Vickie