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Kaiser Permanente and Worker's Comp
This Section of the Kaiser Papers is for the Employees of Kaiser and The Permanente
Gail Martellucci A Long Term Employee of Kaiser Permanent

Gail is another person who loved her job.  She loved being around people and she is a very caring motherly type.  Gail put a lot of effort into organizing Kaiser's Christmas Craft Fair for quite a few years.  No extra pay for that of course.  As an employee of the Reception Department she received excellent job evaluations over the years.

In 1995, Gail was assigned to the Optical Department to do receptionist work which was the turning point in her career.  Gail was a lot older than many of her co-workers who dressed in outfits that Gail might have worn in her twenties but not in her fifties.  The supervisor was a male registered nurse who had no problems showing his favoritism and no problem harassing Gail over her clothes as if she made bad choices in her apparel.

Gail, a diabetic always had a good attendance record until one morning on her way to work she had to pull over to vomit.  When she got to work she was still feeling nauseated and was having dizzy spells.  There were a lot of patients around so Gail just told her co-workers that she was feeling very ill and was going to go to the employees lounge.  That is where she was going to have her blood sugar checked and call for help.  In Gail's condition there was nothing she could do but lay down.

The outcome of that morning was a letter of warning from her supervisor who accused Gail of abandoning her desk and sleeping on the job.


Gail for many years was treated frequently by a Kaiser doctor that saw her basically for her diabetes.  From the stress at the work site however, Gail developed problems with her heart and was becoming more ill.  Because of Gail's illness, calling in sick and having to be seen by her doctor more often she was being written up and threatened with termination.  When she made an appointment to see her doctor once she learned that she was going to be terminated and was having chest pains, her doctor told her that she was in good health and that she could get another job.  Soon after that appointment she ended up in the emergency room.

Every time Gail was taken to the emergency room for chest pain she was sent home.  There may have been a time or two that they kept her over night but nothing was ever checked out thoroughly and she was always sent home.  Just like nothing was wrong.

About two years after her termination, Gail went to Oregon to visit her son and again had to be taken to the hospital.  Not Kaiser.  After the doctor checked her out she started to get dressed and the doctor asked her where did she think she was going?  Well Gail was used to the routine at kaiser so she said that she was going home.  The doctor said "You are not going anywhere.  You are going to be operated on."  It was in Oregon where Gail had her five way By-Pass and got a new lease on life.


Gail fought to get her job back through the union but that was not going to happen since the Union threw away grievances instead of taking them on to arbitration.

Gail did catch the Union and Kaiser in a position where they did not know how to handle her termination.  Gail was fired for sleeping on the job when in face she was going through a diabetic problem and the conflicting acquisitions about what she did wrong in order to get terminated were not coming together well enough to put it in writing, so actually she was then placed on a leave of absence until Kaiser and the Union could figure out how to handle the situation.  Gail was made to believe that she was going to be placed in a different job but her LOA just gave them time to make her termination final.

Gail has been fighting Kaiser since her termination which was about 1999.  Her Kaiser physician has several times refused to see her during the time she was terminated.  Kaiser has been constantly sending her bills such for using the emergency room services.  Gail has recently had to sell her house because of added health care costs that have been constantly rising.

Gail now resides in a rehabilitation nursing home and has basically lost all her possessions.